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What is MosquitoPatch and what are its benefits?


MosquitoPatch is a trans-dermal patch delivering sufficient doses of thiamine (vitamin B1) directly to the dermal or skin layer of the human body to act as a mosquito repellent.  Through this application, thiamine can move through the skin directly into the bloodstream and be circulated throughout the body before being excreted again through sweat. 

Trans-dermal patch technology has been around for a number of years, one of the most notable examples being the nicotine patch designed to aid in the cessation of smoking.  The patch delivery system provides a method for administering carefully controlled dosages over a set period of time through intact skin.  The patch contains a reservoir containing the active ingredient, in this case 100% thiamine.  Bounding the reservoir is the membrane layer and adhesive.  The adhesive keeps the patch securely in place until removed and the membrane layer controls the amount of active ingredient released in a given time frame.  This system eliminates the concern over receiving a high dosage all at once.

Mosquito Repellent patches
Insect Repellent Skin Patches are totally natural. It is not a medicine, but a carefully formulated natural product.


In the MosquitoPatch, 75 mg of thiamine, also known as vitamin B1, is delivered over the course of 24 hours.  It is recommended that the patch be applied 2 hours prior to exposure to mosquitoes so that there is enough time for thiamine to be excreted through the pores.  Following the full release of thiamine over 24 hours there may be additional protection of up to 12 hours while the remaining thiamine fully circulates through the bloodstream and is excreted. 

Unlike other insect repellents, the MosquitoPatch is non-toxic and completely safe for use.  Delivering only 100% thiamine directly to the bloodstream, the MosquitoPatch avoids the potential harmful side effects on the intestine and liver of attempting to ingest enough vitamin B1, as well as the other health side-effects attributed to other forms of mosquito repellent.

The MosquitoPatch is applied to clean, dry, hairless skin.  The muscles of the upper arm or shoulder blade are prime spots for application, as the blood vessels supplying these areas will easily be able to take up the thiamine.  As the MosquitoPatch is such a discrete, easy to use product that doesn’t result in a sticky, smelly residue remaining on the skin, the places that one can use the MosquitoPatch in are as varied as the places one can find mosquitoes.  The perfect option for family summer holidays, backyard barbeques, fishing trips, travel hot climates, dog walks, outdoor work and warm summer evenings spent outside.  Containing only 100% Thiamine, the MosquitoPatch is also completely safe for young children, an important factor to consider when selecting mosquito repellent for the family.


Cheryl Cole    

When it comes to being bitten by any insects that carry nasty infectious diseases there are no guarantees that you will get well, therefore it is always better to try your very best to prevent being bitten in the first place.

  I am personally a traveller and have been to many places in the Far East where there has been a danger of catching Malaria, Dengue or other nasty infectious diseases, and unfortunately for me these kind of Natural patches were not around then, therefore I had to suffer the use of DEET and take anti-malarial tablets which did cause me many side effects, read more about DEET.  

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